Revised January 2017

Adoption Requirements:

Adopter must be at least 18 years of age
Adopter must bring a photo ID, preferably a driver’s license.
Adopter must provide proof of residence

Adoption Fees (unless otherwise specified by Rescue staff or advertisement):

Cats:      $45.00
Kittens: $70.00
Dogs:    $90.00
Puppies: $100.00

Applications must be completed and approved by two 2nd Chance Animal Rescue of Richmond Inc. members, one being an Advisory Board Member, prior to adopting the animal. Holds for animals are not common and are only considered on a case by case basis. Director or Co-Director approval are needed for a hold.

When adopting from 2nd Chance Animal Rescue of Richmond Inc. it is in good faith you are adopting a healthy pet. The Rescue fully discloses any medical conditions known about each animal. All animals are updated on their yearly vaccinations and dogs are additionally provided with an up-to-date rabies vaccine. Because shelters typically experience numerous animals coming and going, it is unlikely that the Rescue knows all the animals’ health histories and living conditions. Additionally, living in a shelter may still be stressful to an animal. We cannot guarantee the health of any pet.

In the event the animal will live in a home that the adopter does not own, a staff member must obtain consent from the residence’s Landlord, prior to adoption approval. Also, a veterinarian MUST be listed on the application if there are animals already in the home. The vet reference must be contacted prior to adoption approval. A minimum of two (2) references are required with an adoption application. References cannot accompany the adopter, preferably at least one non-family member. Any member of 2nd Chance Animal Rescue of Richmond Inc. reserves the right to complete a home visit for any reason, including but not limited to, the living environment lacking a fenced in yard. Home visits will be completed by two staff, one being an Advisory Board Member.

2nd Chance Animal Rescue of Richmond Inc. will make all attempts to spay or neuter the animals. If an adoption is pending, and the animal in question has not yet been spayed or neutered, the adoption may still be approved. In this instance, the adopter must sign the Spay/Neuter Contract. The shelter will fund the spay or neuter of the animal if the 2nd Chance choice veterinarian is utilized. The adopter may choose to use his or her own veterinarian for a spay or neuter at their cost. 

Any animal may be returned to 2nd Chance Animal Rescue of Richmond Inc. within 7 days and the adopter may receive a full refund for the animal upon request. If at any time you are unable to keep the pet or provide proper care, it must be returned back to 2nd Chance Animal Rescue of Richmond Inc. before alternate arrangements are made. If 2nd Chance Animal Rescue of Richmond Inc. is unable to take the animal back, the adopter is required to surrender the animal to a location designated by 2nd Chance Animal Rescue Inc.

Agreement NOT to Declaw: By signing this contract you are agreeing to never declaw in the event you are adopting a cat. Declawing consists of amputating not just the claws, but the whole phalanx (up to the joint), including bones, ligaments, and tendons! Declawing is not a “simple”, single surgery but 10 separate, painful amputations of the third phalanx up to the last joint of each toe. Declawing can cause serious physical, psychological and behavioral complications. 2nd Chance Animal Rescue of Richmond, Inc. views declawing as inhumane. The adopter understands that scratching is normal cat behavior and you will provide scratching pads and keep their nails trimmed. 

Adopting a Pet

Pets can be a wonderful addition to your life. If you are thinking about getting a pet, please consider adopting from a shelter or rescue. Shelter pets make wonderful lifetime companions, and you will be saving the life of an abandoned or neglected animal. All animals at our rescue were either strays, rescued from another shelter, or they were turned into us by people who could no longer care for them. Our vision is to give abandoned and neglected pets a second chance to live a long and healthy life, in a safe loving home.