Shelter Procedures for Lost Pets

  • Pets without identification are held as stray for at least five days according to the Wayne County Code.
  • Pets with collars, microchips, tattoos, or other identification are held for at least 5 days (as per Indiana State code) while we make every effort to contact their owners.
  • Pets not claimed by owners may become available for adoption. Animals may not be adopted until after their stray holding period (five days depending on identification) has expired.


  • $10 a day will be charged for each day the animal is in our care including the day the animal is picked up.
  • All medical costs will be paid by owner. This includes any vaccines, flea treatment and emergency medical treatment the animal received while in our care.

Required Documents to Claim You Pet

  • ​A Drivers license or ID with your current address listed on it.
  • ​Owners are required to bring proof of ownership such as photographs or veterinary records when coming to reclaim their pets.
  • Fees are due at the time of pickup. Fees may be paid in cash, debit or credit card only (No checks).

Reclaiming Your Pet