In November of 2015 we were awarded an amazing grant from the Wayne County Foundation. With this grant we were able to move the dogs out of crates and into spacious kennels with attached food and water bowls and comfortable beds. Thank you to the foundation for this amazing opportunity



Paper Towels
Lysol (generic is fine)
Laundry Detergent (liquid)
Fabric Softener (any kind)
Multi-purpose cleaner

Collars & Leashes
33 gal Trash Bags
Cat and Dog Toys
Canned cat food
Kitten dry food (Purina Kitten Chow)
Adult cat food (Purina Cat Chow)
Cat litter (Scoopable)
Food and Water bowls
Litter boxes

Gift Certificates:
Tractor Supply
​ Wal-Mart

Our Biggest Needs:

A van or large SUV to safely transport our animals

A Larger building so we can help more animals

Office Supplies:
Paper Envelops Stamps  If you can help with 2nd Chance's wish list, please give us a call at (765) 914-6510 for the most convenient drop-off location or for pick-up
Our Animals need YOU
You can help in many ways. We always need money for vet bills and for spay/neuter. We also have a wish list shown below. If you are unable to help financially, or if you would like to be directly involved with animals, we would love to have you as a volunteer! If you would like more information about our volunteer opportunities, please fill out our volunteer application below. We will contact you soon to discuss how you can help! (Remember, we are all-volunteers, so please be patient with us!)