Purpose: To place animals in a temporary home in an effort to improve their adoptability and/or provide an individualized service not available at the rescue. Current volunteers must adhere to all Foster Policy guidelines listed.


  • Foster Placement is at the sole discretion of the Rescue Director or Co-Director
  • The Foster must complete a foster application before being considered to foster an animal
  • The Foster must sign the Foster Waiver prior to the animal leaving the building.
  • A volunteer may not take an animal out of the rescue to foster without the permission of the Director/Co-Director and the completed paperwork.
  • Proper training will be provided in the event medical care is required.
  • Fosters are permitted from taking the animal to a vet without the permission of the Director/Co-Director.
  • Under no circumstances are foster families to place their foster animal in other homes or promise adoption to others interested in the animal.
  • Fosters will be given a choice of adoption if the foster has been beneficial to the animal. If a foster wishes to adopt, they must complete an adoption process.
  • Foster applications will be declined if animals in the home are not spayed/neutered. 

​Please note: 2nd Chance Animal Rescue reserves the right to remove any foster care provider from our program for any reason, and solely at our discretion.

Foster Program